Just Who is Rachel Schain?

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Racheil SchainRachel Schain brings a jolt of caffeine to the coffeehouse, pairing strikingly honest lyrics with an unwavering rock-edged soprano voice. She uses pop melodies to break down emotional walls and then sings from her heart straight to yours. Her playful sense of humor electrifies her acoustic rock sound and brings a smile to cope with painful subjects. Influenced by OK Go, Dar Williams, Tally Hall, Elvis Costello, Barenaked Ladies and Tori Amos, her songs – a hodgepodge of familiar rock forms put through the wringer – stay with you long after you listen.

LilacFace is an exploration of how to find happiness when your whole world is crumbling. “My face is painted lilac, to keep from turning blue,” she sings, referencing the title of her new album, LilacFace. The story is rooted in personal tragedy – fourteen weeks into her first pregnancy, she delivered pre-term. The baby was lost. Emotionally devastated, she drew strength from her friends; in particular, several of her friends somehow procured for her a bouquet of lilacs (her favorite), in the very lilac-less month of February. She wanted to bury her face in those flowers to cover her misery, but that pain is one of the primary seeds from which this album blossomed.

LilacFace features smooth, inspired production from talented Philly maestro Boy Wonder. Rachel’s soaring vocals are backed on most tracks by the full powered rock of Venice Sunlight, who have been burning up the Philly scene in their own right. A number of additional musical friends join in on some tracks, adding keyboard, cello, violin, viola, trombone, tuba, and accordion to the mix. The album was financed through Kickstarter and fully funded within 24 hours. LilacFace was released on March 29th, 2013.

Contact Rachel Schain at RachelSchain@gmail.com.